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Rolf Schneider Handelsgesellschaft offers you a wide range of services concerning purchasing essential oils, oleoresins and aromachemicals:


Agency: Our office in Bad Homburg is your contact for all questions referring to the companies we represent. We pass on your enquiries and your orders and take care of their prompt settlement.

In search of something special? Are you looking for a particular raw material or essential oil? Even if this material is not part of our product range shown here – please contact us. We will try to obtain the material for you.

Customs clearance (import): Upon request, Rolf Schneider Handelsgesellschaft mbH arranges the customs clearance for deliveries from non-European companies we represent. Customs clearance is performed in the name of Rolf Schneider Handelsgesellschaft in Hamburg or Rotterdam. You will receive an EC-customs-cleared delivery.

Documentation: Certificates of analysis, product specifications, Material Safety Data Sheets – these documents are available for all of our products traded and for the products of the companies we represent. This is also valid – as far as applicable – for kosher certificates and GMO confirmations.

Invoicing in EUR: Would you like to receive invoices in Euro (EUR) instead of in a foreign currency (i.e. USD)?  For products which are traded in USD, we issue quotations and sell in EUR, based on the current rate.

Quality assurance: Quality control and quality assurance are performed by our principals. Some of the companies are ISO-certified; others are in the process of obtaining the certification. 

Furthermore, we import and export essential oils and other raw materials from various recognized suppliers with whom we maintain long-standing and closest contacts. Also in this case quality control and quality assurance are performed by the manufacturing companies in question.

If necessary, it is possible to arrange tests with recognized German external labs.

Quality standard: The essential oils delivered by Rolf Schneider Handelsgesellschaft mbH are 100% pure and natural (= 100% of the name-giving plant or raw material). On request, we offer natural levels of quality or other commercial levels of quality in line with your standard level of quality.

Ex stock Bad Homburg: Some of the essential oils and raw materials we offer are available for prompt delivery ex stock Bad Homburg.

If you are interested in purchasing oils and oleoresins of non-European origin: We are pleased to offer you this service: You may obtain the grades/qualities of product which you approved, directly from our warehouse, after purchasing the products on a contract basis. We will hold the materials in stock for you, and guarantee prompt delivery upon receipt of your instructions to ship the product to you.

Your standard qualities: Are you seeking a special quality of product which is usually purchased and used by your company, and do you wish to change your supplier for this product?  Please send us a sample of your standard quality (target) – we will find a matching quality with one of our suppliers.

Do you have any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to be of assistance to you.

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